Custom Computer Systems

Give me a purpose and I will design a system based on that task.  Have a computer game in mind that you want to be able to run it without lagging?  Or do you want something basic that is just for internet or email.  I also do upgrades.  Want a new case?  Maybe a Blue-Ray upgrade?

Virus Removal

Even the fastest pc’s lose speed over time.  There are many causes from file fragmentation to your kids clicking on an advertisement so cleverly titled CLICK HERE NOW!  Even the best of us click the wrong link now and again. We will go over your computer like a fine tooth comb and remove any traces of spyware or viruses.  We’ll pickup your PC and deliver it back to your doorstep once everything possible has been done to make your pc run smooth and fast again!

Computer Repair

Computer busted but don’t want a new one?  I’ll diagnose your PC for a fee, which will include an estimate on repair costs.

Website Hosting and Design

Need a website for your business?  Me and my staff will design and maintenance a custom website to fit your needs!  After deciding what domain you would like, we will sit down and discuss what your new website needs to do and how you would like it customized.   Pricing includes one year of hosting as well as the initial design.

Technological Gadgets

Custom installation of camera installation systems.  Would you like to be able to view your cameras from your smartphone or home pc?  Maybe even control the cameras movement and zoom capabilities! Get the peace of mind you deserve!  Please contact us to schedule an inspection to estimate a personal quote for you or your business.  Installation of Theater Systems.  Just want that screen you can show off for the big game?  I can come take some measurements and sizes and put together an estimate for whatever size best fits your area.  1080i?  Blu-Ray?  3D?  No problem!



Screen 72"


HDTV Antenna Installation

Especially on the border of Wisconsin/Illinois where you are caught in the middle of two network of tv signals you may get 60+ channels depending on area and direction!  For busy people who don’t need to spend $150+ a month on cable this could mean a savings of  almost $2000 a year!  In this economy that’s a great deal of money to throw away on 2000 channels that still doesn’t have anything good on it!  With the invention of internet tv services like Netflix you could reduce your bill drastically while still feeling entertained in your down time!  Prices depend on number of TV’s, room location, as well as if existing cable lines are available to use.

Chicago Channels   Milwaukee Channels