Recommended PC Software

A lot of computer problems can be both resolved or kept at bay with the right software and upkeep.   Here is my list.  The most effective combinations and tools I have found.

Antivirus / Spyware

Avast antivirus + Malwarebytes.  Avast is a full featured antivirus that is everything you’ll ever need in antivirus package.  The best part?  Their home version is FREE!  Effective and cheap!  Can’t beat that!  If you want an all in one solution for antivirus and security try Avast Internet Security!

Malwarebytes is a great program that comes with a two week trial of the active scanner and website blocker but you can still scan your PC anytime you like for free after the trial is over.   With those two working together I have been infestation free since windows vista when I first found Avast while looking for an effective antivirus who was compatible with the beta.


I’m a Firefox fan myself.  Its fast, full featured, and its not as vulnerable as IE.  Lets face it.  No browser is nearly as targeted or flawed as IE has always been.  It is my experience that Activex is the biggest virus magnet on the net.  Now I would also advice you to use an addon called Adblock plus.  Its a free Firefox addon that includes a database of ads and content that have been blocked by other users.  Why waste bandwidth on some video you didn’t want to see or picture that says CLICK HERE!


Over time files become fragmented.  Hard disks have a metal disk inside that’s read with a magnetic needle.  When the needle has to move from the beginning of the drive to the end and back for one file it takes a lot more time just to read that file.  Defragmentation collects all pieces of fragmented files and puts them in order.  Most good defragementers also optimize file location for optimum performance.  Otherwise my new favorite is Perfectdisk!  Their free version is easy to use and has a graphical interface with an easy to read and understand visual representation of the shape of your hard drive.  The pro version includes many more features such as settings for automatic defragmentation as well as specific file and exclusion settings its well worth the money to upgrade to the pro version.

Android Applications


All of the great features available on the desktop version is available on the mobile version including sync of bookmarks.  Take your desktop bookmarks with you even on your cell phone!


This is a handy little app that lets you purchase a temporary phone number.  For example you can buy credits starting at 3 for $1.99.  And for 3 credits you can get a number good for 7 days, 20 voice minutes, or 60 text messages.  Need a number for a personals website so your not giving out your direct number or maybe you want to sell something on Craigslist?  At any moment numbers can be discarded so the other party/parties cannot call you anymore.


This handy little app gives you an easy to use Craigslist interface with options to save ads under your favorites section for easy reference, search for adds with filtering options, as well as allow you to post ads right from your cell phone.


This is a customizable Facebook app!  The Facebook app is getting more and more intensive and if like me you would prefer a quick, customizable, easy to use app to see your timeline and get notifications this is the app for you!


This is an absolutely fantastic app!  Its a GPS which is driven by contributions from their user base.  With features like searching for places by not only Google, but Facebook, Yellow pages, Foursquare, and Yelp!  There aren’t many places you won’t be able to find!  With the ability for users to report traffic jams, police activity, accidents, road hazards, red light cameras, as well as map issues or road closures this little app can almost guarantee you will reach your destination in a timely safe manner!  And the best part?  You can share your drive!  Post your route complete with your current speed and movement to Facebook!  Or text/email it to a friend your picking up?  A date maybe?  So they’ll know exactly when your going to show!


This is another handy GPS app, but not just any GPS app.  It is a public transit app!  It will tell you how far you have to walk to the bus, how long you have to bus to the train, how much time until you walk from the train to your destination.


This is a calorie counting app that includes a daily diary including calorie goals for your target weight and weight loss per week.  It counts how many vitamins and nutrients you intake and can help you improve your diet.    Its not 100% accurate as the database is contributed by its user base however there is a barcode function that you can scan items right into your diary!  Speaking from personal experience I lost 85 pounds in 8 months and changed my life using this app.  And I had tried everything from exercise to diet pills and nothing had worked.

Myibidder Auction Sniper

If your like me and your sick of having to wait until the wire to get a deal on eBay this app is for you.  Simply import your watch list from your eBay account and this app will send your target max bid to eBay with options as low as 3 seconds left in the auction.  When I tested this app I was ecstatic when my email and eBay app went nuts with notifications 5 seconds after my bid and just after auction close saying I was the highest bidder and I had won my item!